4.3061 LED Linear Recessed Fountain, IP68

Linear Spotlight, entirely made of V4A stainless steel 1.4571 EPOL

Application Linear Spotlight
Construction Rectangular cover, made of V4A stainless steel EPOL 25.4"x 5.04"
Wattage POW-LED 18 x 3WPOW LED 18 x 3W
Power Supply POW-LED 18 x 3W, 700mA/24VDC white and blue medium 30°POW LED 18 x 3W, 700mA RGB, temperature controlled (NTC), +/- 15° adjustableConstant-current power source/RGB controler external
CCT Rotationally symmetric light distribution with POW LED white and blue 90° and RGB medium 30°, cable gland PG11, V4A stainless steel EPOL
Accessories Installation housing made of V4A stainless steel EPOL with cable protection tube for wall and floor installation in concrete fountains with tile covering and for welding into stainless steel fountains.
Ingress Protection Degree of protection IP68 – for water depth up to 15 ft

Must always be used in a submerged condition.

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