Slide LED Downlight, Ø1.9", 2W, 163 lm **discontinued when inventory is depleted

Adjustable recessed 2W LED luminaire of milled aluminum with an optically ground glass lens. Slide has a unique feature that allows the user to change the optical distribution in the field from 10° to 60° by manually adjusting the snoot. Available in 3 finishes: chrome, white or black.

Application Adjustable Recessed Downllight
Construction Body: Milled Aluminum
Lens: Optically Ground Glass
Wattage 2W
Delivered Lumens 163 lm
Optic Options 10° - 60°
Finishes 3 Standard: Chrome, White or Black
Ingress Protection IP20

Made in the USA

Available Quantity
(32) SLI-0230C87X00
(6) SLI-0230C02X00
(9) SLI-0240C02X00
(1) SLI-0240C87X00
(60) 99025616
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