Tottenham Hotspurs Players Lounge

Tottenham Hotspurs Football Stadium
Area: Players Lounge

This completely bespoke solution was designed and developed by JPR Lighting to meet the clients vision.
The hexagons light boxes are design similarly to a track and sheet light box. Recessed into the existing ceiling structure with a Class 0 fire rated fabric diffuser for a flush fabric to edge diffusion.

The hexagon design style is common throughout the Players lounge. It was important that the lighting echoed this thought process. The hexagon styling mimics the design of a goal net to stimulate the mind of the players into focusing on the goal.

Technical Info:
Length: 30.75″ x Width: 26.65″ x Depth: 7.87″
Dual White LED premounted
Dali Dimmable
Fabric Diffuser

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