Designplan Lighting Inc. is located in Frenchtown, New Jersey along the Delaware River. The company was formed in 1987 as a joint venture with Designplan UK.

Since then, we have manufactured high quality products for the indoor and outdoor commercial and institutional markets.

In 2009, Designplan Lighting Inc. began marketing outdoor products from Ares of Italy throughout the United States and Wibre products for overseas projects. In 2010, Designplan Lighting Inc. began marketing interior lighting products from Brick in the Wall of Belgium and TAL of Belgium throughout the entire North America. In 2011, Designplan Lighting Inc. split from Designplan UK and is now a wholly owned U.S. entity.

In 2013, Designplan Lighting Inc. began marketing LED products from Luce & Light of Italy for both indoor and outdoor applications. Since then we have added Buzzi & Buzzi and P.U.K. In 2020, we added Diomede Lighting of Italy and NUM Lighting of Israel. In 2021, we added LAM32 Lighting products from Italy, Landa from Italy and Corporate Friends from Germany. In 2023, we have begun a partnership with Axis71 Lighting and Stral Lighting.

Member of the American Association of Independent Lighting Agents

AAILA Alternate