AirCoral® – Buzzi & Buzzi


AirCoral® is a unique patented anti-bacterial material created by Buzzi & Buzzi that helps to purify the air and make the surrounding environment cleaner and healthier by reducing the harmful effects of major pollutants. AirCoral® is distinguished by its bactericidal action against pathogenic agents carrying potentially serious diseases. It has the capacity to break down pollutants encountered in urban environments, such as Hexane, a toxic gas produced by the use of hydrocarbons for fuel and heating. This cleansing action is carried out even in the absence of light.
AirCoral® is ideal for use in private residences or public buildings (hospitals, health centers, hotels, schools, clubs and restaurants) where there is a particular need for a healthy environment. A variety of luminaires offered by Designplan Lighting, Inc are made of this special material which is aesthetically pleasing and offers the low thermal conductivity, toughness, and fire resistance of the original Coral® material (making this material highly impervious to knocks and scratches) allowing it to be safely used in readily accessible areas.