Pixel C LED Ceiling Mount, AirCoral®, 5.9" Sq., Ø.6" Aperture, 8.5W, IP40

Pixel C is an indoor surface mounted luminaire made of AirCoral® that is inspired by the Genius family and is suitable for installation on brick or plasterboard ceilings. The LED source maintenance is easily carried out through the emission hole. It is available in 3 color temperatures and 3 optic options.

Application Surface-Mounted Ceiling
Construction Body: AirCoral®
Wattage 8.5W
Power Supply Remote 700mA Constant Current
Dimming Available, See Datasheet
CCT 3000K (2700K, 4000K on request)
CRI >90
Delivered Lumens Available Soon
Optic Options 15° (25°, 45° on request)
Finishes AirCoral® - Paintable Plaster
Ingress Protection IP40
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The body is made of Aircoral® a unique patented composite material that actually purifies the air. We can calculate how many cubic feet each fixture will purify.
Result: 2
Note: Result displayed in ft2 based on room height.