Flexview Recessed Lay-In LED Panel, 23.5" Sq, Multiple Wattages, IP20

Flexview is a 24” square, recessed lay-in, picture luminaire with a dual light engine, that can be installed in multiple configurations to create the effect of a sky with clouds. It is suitable for installation in indoor spaces such as classrooms, offices, corridors, waiting rooms, receptions areas, and retail spaces.

Application Recessed Lay-In Picture Luminaire
Construction Frame: Extruded, Anondized Aluminum
Dual Light Engine: Perimeter Engine for Main, Secondary Engine for Picture Window
Optical System: Reflector, Collimator and Nanoprism Lens
Image Screen: Printed 0.06” Polycarbonate TP(a) Fire Retardant
Wattage Multiple Wattage Ranges (see datasheet) - Selectable During Installation using Switch
Power Supply Integral 120-277VAC
Dimming Available
CCT 4000K
CRI >80
Delivered Lumens Various Based on Wattage Configuration
(see chart on page 3)
Finishes Unfinished
Ingress Protection IP20
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