Zoom Recessed LED Downlight, AirCoral®, 9.3" Sq. w/ Rounded Edges, 40W / 2x6.5W, IP40

Zoom is a totally disappearing, square, indoor downlight with a rounded light emission hole. It is made of AirCoral® and comes fixed or adjustable +- 30° with a standard color temperature of 3000K.

Application Downlight
Construction Body: AirCoral®
Lens: Frosted Glass
Wattage 40W (1050mA)
2 x 6.5W (350mA)
Power Supply Remote Constant Current
Dimming Available, See Datasheet
CCT 3000K
(2700K, 4000K on request)
CRI >90
Delivered Lumens 2589 lm (40W, 3000K - BU6181)
1881 lm (2x6.5W, 3000K - BU6183)
Optic Options 40° (BU6181)
120° (BU6183)
Finishes AirCoral® - Unfinished - Paintable Plaster
Accessories See Datasheet
Ingress Protection IP40
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The body is made of Aircoral® a unique patented composite material that actually purifies the air. We can calculate how many cubic feet each fixture will purify.
Result: 2
Note: Result displayed in ft2 based on room height.